A Job Interview With Andy Young

Conducted By Andy Young

Mr. Young, I see you dressed up for the interview.

Well, they say "dress for the job you want".

Do you want to be an astronaut?

No, I want to be a video editor that dresses like an astronaut.

Why do you want to work in comedy?

I've loved making people laugh ever since I was in high school, where I'd make sketches for the school announcements. I was actually voted "Most Creative".

You're kidding, I was voted "Most Creative" In MY High School! AHS class of '09.

Huh, that's the year I graduated too. I don't remember you. Go Bulldogs!

According to your resume - which looks eerily similar to my resume - you graduated from UT's RTF department and have since edited for quite a few successful companies. What would you say are your biggest strengths?

I work fast, I'm organized, I love to collaborate, and most of all I have have strong comedic...





...Comedic timing?

-Timing yeah, I was trying to pause but that's what, I was, yeah.

And what's your biggest weakness?


Like, 'getting fired'?

Getting set on fire. It would destroy me, and worse ruin my Astronaut suit. Please don't do that.

It says here you co-edited the most disliked video of all time on YouTube?

To be fair, I only worked on it as a personal favor to my best friend Will Smith. Don't ask him about it, he'll lie and say we've “never met” it's an fun inside-joke between me him and his lawyers.

I see. Speaking of restraining orders, If we asked you to work from home what's your office set-up?

I'm an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber (I primarily edit on Adobe Premiere), I have Dropbox Pro, and I work off a "24 external monitor powered by a souped-up "15 MacBook Pro. It has a 2.8 Quad Core processor, 16gigs of memory, an intel iris pro 1536MB graphics card and a Simpsons wallpaper.

Ah yes, I've heard you're a big fan! This is a fun one, what's your favorite episo-

Equal tie between S08E02 "You Only Move Twice" and S09E22 "Trash of the Titans".

Wow. You answered that... very fast. And you're sweating a lot are you okay?

Well Albert Brooks as Hank Scorpio makes 'YOMT' an instant classic, and while seasons 4-8 was really their prime the casting of Steve Martin as Ray Patterson-

Let go of my arm, you're hurting me.

-was truly fantastic not to mention the U2 cameo & a delightful ode to Sammy Davis Jr's "The Candy Man".

Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Please don't fire me it's my biggest weakness.